Hi-C, that’s me!


Hi! I’m Brooke Fortson, but I get called Hi-C from this rowdy bunch. Everyone always asks how I got that nickname – I’m told I have a “high-ceiling” for fitness growth due to my athleticism and strength. (I have these fellas fooled, ha!) 😉


I come from a family of athletes – my grandfather was a professional boxer and baseball player, my mother was a world record holding powerlifter, my biological dad was a powerlifter and body-builder and my step-dad is a marathon runner. The “super hero DNA” and positive influence from my family have always inspired me to live an active, healthy life.

In my early teens, I went to NC School of the Arts and Governor’s School for ballet. And in high school I was an all-star 2nd baseman on the softball team. Ballet gave me strength, grace and flexibility, while softball gave me speed, reflexes and a few scratches and bruises. They both taught me discipline, which has carried through all these years later.

Family is very important to me — I’m married to an extraordinary man, Michael. We have a 4 year old son, Connor, who brings so much joy and love into our home.


About 3 years ago I was struggling with getting my pregnancy weight off. I had gotten out of the habit of working out and wasn’t making very good eating/drinking choices. I was 29 years old and was quickly seeing my 30th birthday approaching. I made a ‘30 before 30’ list of things I wanted to accomplish before my birthday, which included running my first 5K race (this scared the hell out of me). I started attending aerobics classes at work and began jogging around campus. I ran into Coach JP, who quickly took me under his wing, and I’ve been there ever since.

Now, I workout with the hype4life family daily, practice yoga, take Ballet Burn and boxing classes, and participate in mud runs and races. Health and fitness play a huge role in my life. Not only for the physical benefits, but also for the emotional benefits (all those happy endorphins it releases), the boosted self-confidence, and most of all, the relationships I’m building.



Coach JP asked me why I wanted to be a part of the Hype4Life Family…

“My dream is to build long lasting relationships where I am positively effecting someone’s life. There are people in this world that make me a better person (this group is that for me), and I want to be that person to others. Be healthy. Be happy. Be the best version of YOU…”

So, that’s why I’m here. I want to be a positive influence. I’ll do so by posting about my journey, healthy recipes, suggested workouts, etc. My promise to you is that I will always practice what I preach. Being healthy and active isn’t always easy, but that’s why we’re here. We are a support system that will be here every step of the way.

What’s your health/fitness promise to yourself?



2 thought on “Hi-C, that’s me!”

  1. Brandy says:

    <3 this outlook. Thanks for inviting me. It was fun and always good to meet more driven people 🙂

    1. hype4lifefam says:

      Glad you came out today Brandy!!

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