No Fear!



Fear has always kept many of us from reaching our goals and claiming our full potential. When it comes to running, fear is often in most of our minds. We fear pain. We fear failure. We fear a fall that could lead to an injury, a sprain, or something even more long term. Never could we imagine running leading to death. Sunday before worship service, I made a commitment that it was my time to pay back. To cheer for the sake of cheering, to encourage friends, coworkers, fraternity brothers and other runners who passed me at the top of the Peace Street hill at mile 7.

See, when you start to run, it becomes part of your DNA to support other runners. Sunday, I saw the first runner pass, and I stayed until I saw likely first-time runners/walkers making their way through the course. I don’t know if I saw the two men who died at the Rock ‘n Roll event in Raleigh. I hope I did and possibly shared an encouraging glance or “you got this.”

I do know that they did not let fear keep them from trying. Their families need embracing as they deal with this tragic and very sudden incident. Just like the Boston Marathon race a year ago, it is very tragic how a community of supportive runners was turned upside down by someone aiming to create more fear. We all have fear, but for runners, every step, every stride, every minute, every mile you are overcoming your fears to get to that goal which is the finish line. That process of overcoming breathes more overcoming in other areas of life.

I have numerous fears, possibly more than the average Joe. For several reasons, but they are overcome with each step. Each time I lace the Hoka’s up, more fear is being replaced with Faith – the belief that it’s possible!

The two runners didn’t make it to the finish line – our hearts ache for the families of both men. I am learning that when it comes to the running community, someone – a coworker, family, friend – someone will finish their race! They will be missed dearly, but they nor we shall be afraid!

Now where is my Hoka’s and my No Fear T-Shirt? Time to erase more fear..

Question for you: What fears are you overcoming when you run or workout? feel free to comment or email maybe ours are the same.


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