Ice Ice Baby

This is my first blog ever! I never thought I would write one. I am not the blogging type. But, that is what Hype4Life Family does to me. Pulls me out of my comfort zone. All.The.Time. Physically and mentally. I am not a fitness guru or health specialist of any kind. My specialty is working out as hard as I can, when I can, and trying to motivate others to do the same. That is one thing this group does for me. That is what I try to do for them.

Coach JP training
Coach JP training


My real name is Tonya Chapman – My workout friends call me “Ice”. This nickname comes from the fact that I always had ice cold water on my running belt when training. The nickname has progressed into “Ice Pick” when I set a pick in basketball, “Ice Treatment” when I am competing against someone, “Icy Hot” when I’m fired up, etc. Can you tell we have a good time together? This is just the tip of the “Iceberg”.

Ice Treatment
Ice Treatment


Since meeting this group, I have learned so much about myself and my fitness. We do not let each other make excuses. I used to make a lot of excuses. I have a full time job and 2 young boys Dylan (10) and Ruffin (5). My husband Darrin is extremely supportive of my fitness goals and adventures, and my job is flexible. I am very thankful and gracious for both. When I ran the NYC marathon, my Husband met me on 3 different spots of the race, with the boys by his side.  This picture captures the first time I saw them on the race route:


I see my boys!
I see my boys!


I have an ‘all or nothing’ kind of personality. I like to push myself to extremes. I love challenges. I love competition. I love any activity where I work up a good sweat. Together with this team, I have conquered obstacles and goals I never thought imaginable. Because they hold me accountable. Because they care. Because we are there for each other, and face challenges together.   TOGETHER we accomplish bigger dreams and goals.  TOGETHER the reward is even greater.

My team on Everest
My team on Tough Mudder’s Everest


Are you ready for a challenge? Do you have a challenge for me? Looking forward to new challenges together!!


8 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby”

  1. This is awesome. You always inspire me and I love your competitive edge. Keep up the writing and working a good sweat. Love ya’ girl!

  2. Very inspiring — I can relate to the excuses part and am inspired by the H4L team to move past them. Great Blog, thanks

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