Workout Time


Motivated? Inspired? Ready to start working on being Hype4Life? Good… now let us help you get to it! Here’s a workout that will get you sweating and leave you feeling good when you are done! You can bust out this workout up to three times a week, but avoid doing it on back to back days. Give your body at least a day of rest in between. Don’t worry. This workout is for all fitness levels. It’s a time based interval workout. Give it your all during each interval but you best believe it’s okay to take rest breaks… I know I do! If a 60 second interval is too long for you when you start, then try 45, 30, or 20 seconds. All that matter to us is that you get started and keep at it. You do that and you will find yourself doing 60 second intervals in no time! So here you go fam… check it out!


work your way up to 4 rounds

work your way up to 4 rounds


Alright party peeps. It’s go time! The workout is calling your name. It can be done anywhere at anytime. So just one question for ya… how many rounds did you do?  You know you want to let us know!  Have fun and good luck!

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