Who Am I?


I am Jeff Hinzman aka Rozay – Biggest Boss – Magnum PI & Shock co-captain of team Shock & Awe.

A husband to my wife Caroline, father to my 2 daughters Jessica and Virginia.  Just a big dude trying to live life to its fullest.  I will be straight, workouts are hard.  What this family has taught me is how to make them fun.  Sometimes they are still nasty and hard but these cats can make the time fly and before you know it you it is over.


Rozay And Ginny

Rozay And Ginny


I may not be the fastest.  I may not be the strongest, but I will get it done.  And if I can do it so can you.  That is what I live my life by.  I will be honest.   I used to say “NO WAY I would EVER run a ½ marathon”.  Well my daughter Jessica asked me to run the City of Oaks ½ marathon with her.  With lots of help from some very good coaches, Cynthia Sollace and Judi Rourke, I am here to say we did it.  I even had doubters that didn’t think I could do it.  Heck I was even one of those doubters.  But I did it.  And I did another ½ at the American Tobacco Trail  just 4 and half months later.


Pre Race Snap

EZ/Rozay/JP/Baby Rozay – Pre Race Snap

Now you can find me boxing, swimming, running, doing IT.  Anything this crazy family can think up.  Oh yeah my 1st mud run is this weekend.  There have been a lot of firsts for this old man and I owe it to coach JP.  He has pushed me in a good way to find the courage to make it through some things I didn’t think I would be able to do.

I still struggle with lbs and as a family we are working on grubbing right and the old lady has started walking.  Hey it is a start!

What really motivates me is hate and some good tunes.  I need the hate.  You’re too old.  You’re too fat.  You can’t do that.  And toss is some good beats and let’s get it on.

What motivates you?  What would it take to get you to run a 5k or 10k?  Or start walking or swimming or you name it?

2 thought on “Who Am I?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes you are too fat and slow and I know that.. Keep up the hate.

  2. Linwood says:

    The biggest boss that I’ve seen so far!!!!!

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