Wrapper’s Delight

Isn’t it nice to dress up leftovers, get some lean protein, and fiber all in a “low” carb wrapped delight! Sugar Hill gang has nothing on this easy

Go ahead and grab a “low” carb spinach, wheat, or Italian wrap. It doesn’t matter because we will be filling it with flava and good stuff – chicken, my favorite is grilled, slaw for crunch and color and tomatoes for all kinds of nutrients.


1 “low” carb wrap
Sliced or Diced chicken
Diced tomatoes
Sliced onions
1-2 tsp Lite Italian dressing
Dash of salt and pepper
Dash Oregano

Wrapper's Delight Ingredients
Wrapper’s Delight Ingredients


It’s a wrap. Throw it in the middle of the wrap. Then wrap. Can’t say I am an expert on the
Wrap technique. Plenty of youtube examples if you want that perfect roll.


Low fat sour cream or cheese
Spinach or Kale
Your favorite meat substitute


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