When Hearts Speak: KD MVP


As I was driving in this morning, I happened to flip to Mike and Mike at just the right moment. There aren’t many things more powerful and more meaningful than hearing a person’s inspiring testimony. On this morning, that testimony was framed and rooted in my two favorite things: basketball and family. For me, it was just one of those moments where I felt like what was being said was meant for me. Perhaps to fuel me. Perhaps to change me. Perhaps to remind me to appreciate my family. Perhaps to appreciate my teams. Perhaps to write this blog… or maybe all of the above and some.

In all things we do there are haters, and most times they are on the outside looking in and don’t understand or they simply look at one side… the wrong side. In sports, there are always stacks of stories about athletes throwing their lives away and making bad decisions. Getting caught doing things that the rest of the world does, but because they have money and fame, it gets magnified. Haters line up, locked and loaded to talk trash. Quick to say “if it were me I would never”. Quick to judge and dead set against showing the rich and famous any compassion. At times I have been one of those haters, but on this morning my heart was reset. Don’t know how long it will last, but today Kevin Durant restored my faith in professional athletes by letting his heart speak about his love for the coolest sport on the planet and his appreciation for his team.

Please take a few minutes and listen. It is worth your time. As I was listening this morning, I remembered my youngest dribbling his brother’s soccer ball and shooting baskets against the fence at the soccer fields yesterday. Having that memory at that particular moment had me driving with moistened eyes, but I kept the tears in… really I did. 🙂 That one little moment is now forever magnified in my life, and is something I will never forget… the moment that I realized my little man is in love with basketball like his dad. That is a gift that I know will always inspire me to be Hype4Life. Thank you KD and thank you big Chris (my 5 year old son).


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