A new meaning to “Work/Life BALANCE”


On Fridays, our boy Mike Rubes runs the Terrordome workout. Every week is different, but after finding himself in the mud on one too many balance beam obstacles at the Rugged Maniac, he incorporated some balance beam work into a recent workout.

Here’s what it included:

1) ¼ mile run

2) 2 laps of lunges, on the beam

3) Dips – 30 seconds using the beam

4) Squats – 30 seconds, on the beam

5) Plank – 1 minute, feet on the beam, hands on grass

6) V-Situps – 30 seconds, on the beam

7) Pistol squats – 30 seconds per leg

8) Crunches (partner holding feet worked best) 30 seconds, on the beam for good back extension

9) Pushups – 30 seconds (feet on beam or not, either way)

10) Pelvic thrust (butt crunchers) – 30 second first round, 1 minute second round.  1 minute worked better, feet on the beam

11) 2 laps of lunges, on the beam

12) Pullups, 2 sets of your choice


Thank you, Mikey, for a GREAT workout!! 🙂 Looking forward to tomorrow’s dome of terror.




1 thought on “A new meaning to “Work/Life BALANCE””

  1. MarkK says:

    I’ve joined the TD workouts this spring (& will keep rocking it – schedule permitting; gotta enjoy a few long weekends, ya know?); but so far I think this workout was my fav. Thanks Mikey!

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