Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible moms out there. There is nothing more special and meaningful than a mother’s love. Special thanks to Brooke Fortson, Tonya Chapman, and Laura Maroglou. Thank you for your time and support of all things Hype4Life. You ladies are an incredible blessing to me and so many others. Many thanks to the better halves of my Hype4Life homies Daniel Blackmond, Erick Benson, Jeff Hinzman, and Ashley Stephens. Thanks for all that you do to support them and our Hype4Life efforts. Special thanks to all the moms that are consistently making time in their lives for our Hype4Life fam. Whether it be workouts, training runs, challenges, yoga pose pics, nutrition talks, lunches, parties, or anything in between… you are an inspiration to us and we appreciate every second.

Last but certainly not least, special thanks to the two most important women in my life. Thanks to my mom for raising me and taking care of me. For loving me and being honest with me. For not always agreeing with my choices, but still always being there for me. Thanks to my incredible wife. The mother of our two little blessings from God. She is an amazing mother, wife, daughter, and sister. Her love, support, and honesty means everything. I try to fit a lot into my life and even when I don’t get my priorities right, she always has my back. She keeps me grounded. She keeps me hopeful. She keeps me Hype4Life.


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