Why Monday?


I am going to get right! Cut back. Get my workouts right. Eat proper. Increase the grind.

Yep. Two–a-days. No eating after 7:00pm. No sodas. Sweet Tea, gone. Getting on it starting Monday. Sound familiar?


I know it is should be a life-style change and not diet and squat thrusts/burpee til you puke, but sometimes I need to kick start the change.

So, why Monday? Monday is Mon-Daze, so it will be kicked up with a renewed purpose. Monday is the start of the week, the perfect time to start.

Gives me time for one last burger, cake, or whatever.

Aight, that does not quite get it. Does it?


So, why not start now?!? Pretty sure I need more “no better time than the present”. I saw this quote from Israelmore Ayivor, a self -help motivator. I made a few substitutions. Check it out:

Compassion Fitness Health is a lifetime business. You can’t say something like,

“I will have compassion on Monday, Thursdays and Fridays only.

But for the rest, I will be cruel”. That is hypocrisy Not-Hype4Life.

Here’s to “seize the day”, any day. Every day. Be Hype4Life.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good stuff!

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