Vacation is not an excuse


Every Memorial Day for the past four years, our family has gone to the NC mountains with three other couples for a long weekend getaway. It’s great… we rent a large cabin with a hot tub and large back porch for socializing; we all have kids around the same age that tend to keep each other company with minimal injuries and tantrums; and we’re minutes away from Tweetsie Railroad, Blowing Rock and several stores/parks that keep us entertained. 

During this weekend trip, there is a lot of eating and a lot of drinking. So… there has to be some exercising to counterbalance, right?? 😉 Because as we all know… vacation is NOT an excuse not to exercise. You can create workouts using just body weight or minimal equipment. Even if it’s just 20 minutes. It’s nice to get up and take care of business before relaxing/partying/indulging. 

This particular trip, my husband decided to plan an I.T. style workout on the back porch where we had lots of room and a few pieces of “equipment”. We didn’t have much to work with, but managed to make due with a few benches, a picnic table and a wood rafter. It was a KILLER workout, so I thought I’d share it for you all to try. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures. If you are unsure of any of the exercises, just hit me up and I’ll send a pic/video.


20 squat jumps
20 push-ups
20 walking lunges
20 tricep push-up inclined on a bench
20 box jumps onto picnic table bench
20 assisted pull-ups on rafter (partner holds feet)
20 tricep dips on picnic table
(repeat 3 times)

50 crunches
1 min plank
1 min wall sit
(repeat 3 times)

take a shot of tequila (okay, we didn’t do this part. we had all intentions to do it, however, we were so beat after this workout, it was practically impossible.)


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