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When working out I find myself in odd positions sometimes, so I thought I would share some of them in this post. During a recent Outdoor IT class AKA Terror Dome workout, everyone was walking on a wooden beam doing lunges.  Yours truly decided that’s not going to work for me. I thought to myself my size 14’s, with all kinds of ankle/hip issues, no way am I doing that! So I decided I would B.B.M. it. B.B.M. stands for Big Boy Modify. I would do the same exercise but modify it for me so it works the same or similar muscles. When working out as we age, overcome, or come back from injuries, modifying an exercise is sometimes best. There’s no shame in modifying an exercise.  For example, if you used to be able to touch your toes and for some reason you can’t now, BBM it! or BGM (Big Girl Modify) it! Touch knees, grab hamstrings, grab socks, stretch, do something. B.B. M. is another way of saying Be You as you exercise.

You’re not making excuses, you’re recognizing you have some limitations.  You’re going to do it a little different so it works with your current body dimensions (it’s not cheating it’s modifying)!! One of the roadblocks for many when it comes to starting to work-out or taking better care of ourselves physically is we begin to think we have to start where someone else is or we go into a workout class expecting to finish it like everyone else. Start where you are! When you focus on yourself you learn what your limitations are, find your pace, your abilities and your speed. Here is a recent article on finding your unique running stride (it’s applicable to all).

Starting where you are also puts the whole workout focus in perspective. See, the competition is not the young hot thing working out next to you or the 30 year old who has an eight pack who seems like he should be on a rugged maniac trail rather than in a workout class. Don’t trip on that, age like fine wine and understand the real competition is you! You have to go home with you, you have to sleep with you, live with you, dress you. So you mightiest well be you! While being you, Challenge yourself! I have the Hype4Life crew backing me and when we would do sprints I take off running on “on your mark!” (its not cheating, it’s modifying) when doing long runs and we plan to leave at 11:45, I am leaving at 11:30.  Why – because I know me, I’m a little slower but I will get there. Do 5 more sit ups than you did the week before, run or walk a ¼ mile longer, increase your speed from the last run, or attend a new workout class. It’s cool to accomplish goals and get rewards and medals at the end of races. I have two hanging on my office wall (one from a ½ marathon),


but the real prize is a healthier me. A healthier me has more energy, more focus and after working out I feel more relaxed and refreshed. So be you and if you see me in a workout session, next one June 14th at Title boxing, I may see you there. I’ll be me, the person wearing skittles colors (loving orange and lime green), breathing heavy and trash talking, getting everyone hype through it all. I love to box so I may join you on your bag as well.


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  1. EZ says:

    Rev, nice post. Like Sammy says “i got to be me”

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