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I believe people who are successful develop habits that promote their success. They have a toolbox, and fill it with tools for success.  I thought I would share some tools in my fitness and diet toolboxes.  These are tips I have picked up along my journey or discovered about myself.  They may be obvious to some, but make a difference to me.  Maybe one will hit the nail on the head for you!

*You never regret putting on your running shoes

If I am sluggish and am considering skipping a workout, I just convince myself to at least put on my running shoes.  Once the shoes are on, I’m out the door.  Once I’m out the door, game on.



*Any song that inspires you or gives you goose bumps, put it on your playlist! I’ve been known to work out to songs from ‘Annie’ the musical – how weird is that!  Try working out to some songs other than high tempo\high volume that you can burn out on.

*A bad workout or run will make the next one feel easier. Push through any bad workouts and reap the benefits on your next one.

*Talk about your workouts to other people. They will start holding you accountable.  Most of my casual conversations revolve around folks asking me what my workout was for the day.  I always need a fun answer for them!

*Surround yourself with workout people you admire and who push themselves. If they push themselves, they will push you.  This is cyclical, you start to push them back!  It works!

*When doing intervals, count the reps on your first set. Try to meet the reps on the other sets.  Beat the reps on the last set.  Boom!

For dieting, this is my extremely weak point. I’ve come a long way from casseroles and desserts for lunch every day.  Maybe these tools in my diet toolbox will help:

*Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. If it’s not calorie worthy, toss it ASAP

*Try to drink 20 oz of water before each meal. It helps fill me up.

*If you have dessert, eat only a couple of bites and throw the rest out. It is not wasting.  This is an argument Coach JP and I have regularly (he hates wasting anything)!  The food is waste in your body.  It is better off in the trash can after you get a little taste.

*Split meals at restaurants. Especially split desserts.

*Try removing one unhealthy staple item from your diet per week. This worked with me for the salad bar.  I used to load it with some unhealthy choices.  I started cutting out one unhealthy choice a week, and am now down to a very nutritious salad that I eat daily during the week.  This also works with coffee.  Cut back the cream and\or sugar a little each week.  I’m now drinking black coffee.


My most important tools are the people in my life. I admire everyone I workout and bounce healthy choice ideas around with.  Sometimes all it takes is for someone to say something inspiring at the right time.  They Hype4Life family is full of motivation and inspiration that I rely on.  Add Hype4Life to your toolbox!


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  1. hype4lifefam says:

    Ice, I might give the creamer the boot. Sharpen my tools 🙂

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