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Here you go fam! If you stick with it and surround yourself with good influences, then you will Find YOUR Way. No doubt about it! Here’s CA’s (Coach JP’s wife)  blog about how she found her way to working out for 35 days straight!!!


There are numerous reasons why you should exercise, any number of which most of us can rattle off of the top of our head with ease.

The following are seven benefits of regular physical activity noted by the Mayo Clinic: controls weight, combats health conditions and diseases (such as heart disease, diabetes, and depression), improves mood, boosts energy, promotes better sleep, puts the spark back in your sex life, exercise can be fun (social aspect)

However, having this knowledge does you no good unless you act on it. So… 35 days ago I decided to take action. I challenged myself self to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day for 21 days straight. This was somewhat of a crazy notion for me. Over the past couple of years I had only flirted with the idea of exercising and when I did it was on a very irregular basis. Another, part of the motivation behind this challenge was being asked to run in a 1/2 marathon this fall. When I decided to commit to that I also had to commit to training for it.


I did not join a gym or buy anything new I just simply started with what was already available to me. My physical activity has been accomplished in many ways: walking or running on the treadmill or outside, boxing, Zumba, circuits at home, basketball with the kids, a trip to the zoo (walked 8 miles that day), and the Hype4Life yoga and push-up challenges. There have been days when I was not feeling very energetic or motivated. Just waking on the treadmill for 30 minutes was a struggle. But, there have also been times when I was feeling very energetic and motivated and have exercised for more than an hour or more than once in a day and pushed myself to do things that I would not have imagined were possible just 1 month ago.


I have found encouragement to keep it going from many sources. There has been active encouragement from my husband (Coach JP) and from my oldest son, Jalen. When I completed the first 21 days Jalen’s response was “well, you should just do 10 more days and make it a month” (not sure why it had to be a 31 day month instead of a 30 day month), but none the less I took him up on his challenge. I have also been encouraged by others who have started a physical activity journey, such as my life group family, and people posting about their on personal fitness accomplishments.

I cannot say that the exercising its self has became a habit over the past 35 days, but what has became a habit is planning for the time to make it happen. In the past I would have let any number of little things keep me from exercising, however over the past 35 days I have taken a no excuses approach. Even on the busiest days I have still found a way to fit it in.

So, my question for you… what are you willing to commit to?

4 thought on “Find Your Way”

  1. Les says:

    So proud of you! And what a well written blog. (You must getting your writing skills from your sister. *wink *wink) Keep it up!

  2. EZ says:

    CA, cool stuff! You had me at “baskets with the boys” 🙂

  3. THAT IS AWESOME and I should heed your words of encouragement and advice!!

  4. Terese M Lamm says:

    Awesome! Sadly, I went for many decades just saying I had no time to exercise. It took WAY to long for me to realize that I had to schedule the exercise into my day and make it a habit! Now, I can’t imagine NOT exercising every day. Some mornings when I wake up, I don’t FEEL like going…but I go anyway…even though I still don’t feel like being there when the workout starts (and sometimes I am plotting a way to leave early..haha!), I always feel better by the 2nd or 3rd song and I never end up leaving early! 😉 It ALWAYS makes me feel better to get that workout in! Good luck keeping up your streak!!!!

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