Rozay 2.0 – 5 Weeks


Rozay 5 weeks

5 weeks in and 13 LB’s down.  Feel pretty good.  Had a set back with the knee.  Might have been pushing just a little bit hard it has swollen up big time.   Keeping up with the grind has not been a problem.  Mixed in some swimming, running, boxing, lifting and even some terror dome soccer.  Grub – well I have been keeping it clean.  Hardest thing for me on the grub is the sweet tooth.  And this time of the year ice cream is everywhere.  Well, Laura (Quicks) Maroglou told me about some homemade sugar free ice cream and I just couldn’t wait to give that a try.

I followed the instructions from the link above.  I had some strawberries, bananas  and blackberries that I froze over night.  Added some almond milk, vanilla extract and cocoa powder.  The ice cream was awesome and as a side note I even started drinking the left over Almond Milk.  Surprised me at how good it really is.

ice cream

I plan on freezing some sugar free pudding made with almond milk and then mixing that in the blender. I have come to the realization that if you want to loose the weight YOU have to make the right choices.  I try to stick to salads whenever possible.  I write down everything I eat.  I keep track of workouts.   Lastly, I do keep up with the pounds but I don’t put a lot of pressure on myself.  I don’t care if it is 1/2 pound or 3 pounds that I lose in a week.








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