Just Do It, Everyday

We all have a routine.  We do some of the same things every day. Sometimes at the same times. A friend of the mine recently started a Facebook page called Make Dee Laugh, http://www.facebook.com/makeDeeLOL . Sounds like Dee wants a laugh or two or three every day. That reminded me of Jimmy V’s ESPYs speech. He said we should do three things to have a full day– laugh, think, and cry.


In “What’s In Your Toolbox”, https://hype4lifefam.wordpress.com/2014/06/16/whats-in-your-toolbox/ , Ice asks us What is in Our Toolbox for fitness. I think being able to laugh, think, and cry are all positive tools to pull out of the toolbox. What are some other things you like to do every day? I love music. I’d like to sing every day. Folks that know me will tell you that my singing includes humming. Me and lyrics are cool if I remember them. It is about the beat and rhythm for me. What is it about for you? What do you like to do, think you should do, or wish you did every day?


One thought on “Just Do It, Everyday”

  1. I have to pray every day from sunup to sundown. It is not one my own strength that I have exercised everyday day for 40 days, if that was the case I would have been done along time ago.

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