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Ding Ding Ding! It’s go time!! Time for you and your friends to join the H4L team for the Fight Night Get Lean Challenge! What is the Fight Night GLC? It’s a 4 week challenge designed to help us do what boxers do best… get down to our fighting weight! Fighters do this all the time with a focus on proper diet and exercise. The Fight Night GLC is intended to help us do the same thing! Let me lay it out for you… Challenge kicks off July 19th with a crazy H4L workout at Title Boxing of Cary! Two teams going head to head in a four week challenge! A challenge focused on proper grub (eating right) and workout consistency to drop some of those unwanted pounds! Each team will be led by captains from the H4L team! We will earn points daily by working out, drinking water, eating healthy fruits, eating healthy veggies, and most importantly not eating goolosh (aka junk food). Each team will be provided a handy dandy form to make it easy to tally their points. Team captains will work to keep teams motivated and drop diet and workout tips along the way. Captains can do whatever needs to be done to keep their team motivated. This includes challenging the other team and talking a little trash! The challenge will close with a Saturday Night show down on August 16th to crown the winning team… that is the team that wins the most head to head matches! That’s right… each captain will pick a “fighter” from his team to go up against a “fighter” from the opposing team. The fighter who has tallied the most points wins the match and earns a point for his team! This is going to be fun!


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All of the past Get Lean Challenges have produced great results and have been loads of fun! I don’t expect this one to be any different! All you need to do to join in on the fun is provide your name and email address below! You can recruit friends to join up until July 19th! After that, it’s go time! Coach JP will set up the teams and the team captains will work to lead their team to victory! No worries if you can’t make the July 19th workout or the August 16th showdown. We would love to see you there, but we know some of our peeps aren’t local and schedules get busy. You don’t have to attend those events to take the challenge! Aight den… get signed up and get to recruiting!!! Questions? Email us:

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