Bet On You (#START)


Yep. We are talking about a half marathon BUT don’t let that scare you off. Stick around and see how this plays out. Let’s say you are not a runner, but some people regard you as one. You run a few miles at a pretty decent pace but rarely on your own, really only with your peeps. You never really enjoy the running but you have unbelievable appreciation for the group and how they make time for each other. No one realizes how much you like seeing friends sacrificing sleep JUST to get together for a run. No one realizes the inspiration you draw from the group. So you run. You keep reminding yourself it’s JUST running, so you JUST keep running. Overtime the running gets a little easier and the appreciation for your running family continues to grow. You all get to know each other more and then BOOM!!! The opportunity of a lifetime falls into your lap BUT oh no… the timing isn’t right! So you take a breath and think about it. As you think about it, you realize how many times you have felt like the timing hasn’t been right for you. Those thoughts settle in and you realize the timing doesn’t have to be bad… it can actually be a great opportunity for you. Opportunity to rise to the occasion, share life, and if you are lucky… be an inspiration! So you tell your peeps you are all in! But in for what exactly?


Well for me it went down like this last November…. a long awaited Tough Mudder with the crew on Saturday, followed by a half marathon on Sunday with my man Rozay and his daughter… the opportunity of a lifetime. I will save the details of those races for another blog. Just know it was well worth it and I am very grateful I did NOT talk myself out of the experience. I didn’t know it then but that experience has helped others accomplish things perhaps they never would have. The Coachettes (JR and Cynt) training my man Rev up, and then completing a half marathon with him. Mikey and Firlet running half marathons left and right. And NOW I get to join the big three: JC, DNice, and Dr. Watson for their first half marathons! It is going to be a different challenge for me this time. My body is banged up and I will have to manage PT while training, but that’s a small price to pay to roll with my peeps. We are ready to make it happen but we aren’t satisfied. We want more company! We want a sick Hype4Life crew hitting the streets of Carolina Beach on October 5th, 2014! Here is yet another opportunity. Find reasons to take it and let’s get Carolina Beach hype! Get a van pool on the highway bumpin’ Rev’s anthem as we pull into the hotel parking lot… “Started from the bottom. Now we here. My whole team here!” Doesn’t matter where you are now. You have time to train and more importantly… a group to support you! We have no clue what we can finish until we get started! So click the link now, signup, and get started with us! #START Carolina Beach Half with the Hype4Life Crew Oh yeah… don’t forget to put “Hype4Life” on your bib!

Coach JP,

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