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I’ve recently done a lot of traveling, and sometimes the hotel doesn’t have a gym or it’s just too busy. And with the Hype4Life Get Lean Challenge going on, we can’t afford to miss a workout!

I’ve started putting together some workouts that can be done in a hotel room — small movements, not much jumping. (don’t want to knock over furniture or disturb the neighbors)

Be sure to do a 5 minute warm-up (walk the halls, jog in place, stretch, etc.)



Total of 10 exercises, adding 1 min of high knees, mountain climbers, burpees or a combination of all three in between each exercise. Repeat entire thing 1-3 times. 

Body weight squats, 20

Push-ups (regular, or try putting your feet up on the bed for decline pushups, do enough to challenge yourself)

Plank, 30 sec straight, then 30 sec on each side

Alternating lunges, 10 each leg

Tricep dips on chair, 10-15

Bicycle crunches, 50 each side

One-leg deadlifts, 10 each leg

Superman, 10-20 (lay on stomach, lift arms/legs at same time, engaging lower back)

Wall Sit (start with a minute and work your way up)

Leg Lifts, 10-20 (lay on back, lift legs to 90 degrees, back down to 6″, repeat)

<<Don’t forget to add your minute of cardio in between each exercise. Get that heart rate up!>>

Just because you are on a trip doesn’t mean you get to slack off!! Put in that work…






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  1. EZ says:

    Perfect timing Hi-C.

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