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I have grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. I have a better understanding of who I am and who I want to be. I don’t only want to help people achieve their goals, I want to help people define their goals. I want my desire to be a better person to inspire others to do the same. I want you to believe, like I believe, that we can get so much more out of our lives. So the question is, why should you follow my lead to be Hype4Life? I’m not rich. I’m not famous. I mean, I’m not even all that intelligent. The Hype4Life Facebook page only has 182 followers for goodness sake. Heck, someone even unfollowed us last week! YES “unfollowed” is a word now and it’s not nice to do that btw. 🙂 Anyway, let’s get back to it. Why me? Why Hype4Life? I think the best answer to this can be found in my response to a statement made to me recently.

“You can’t help everyone. It’s not your job to make people go to they gym. That’s up to them. If they don’t want to workout, you can’t make them do it.”

lifeIt is very true. I cannot make them go to the gym, but I can continue to believe in them and encourage them every chance I get. Just because many others have given up on them, and they may have even given up on themselves, I don’t have to do the same. If I can do it, then they can do it. If I can believe in them, then they can believe in themselves. That’s what I am good at. That’s my gift. I have some pretty cool fitness accomplishments. I have completed a couple half marathons and mud runs, but I didn’t do those just for me. I did those to help others realize they could do it. That’s my motivation. That’s what works. That’s what’s contagious. There are no rules. There is no set way.

busy-dayWe are blessed with will, desire, and creativity. We can’t be afraid to tap into all of those things. We have to fight our tendency to let our routines control us. If we aren’t careful, our lives can evolve into a very predictive pattern of actions to meet a preset list of time constraints. Dinner at 6. Homework till 7. Shower at 8. TV till 10. Pack lunches till 11. Up at 6am the next day. We cling to the predictability of our daily routines as if our lives depend on it. It becomes our priority. It gets so bad that we start stressing out when we aren’t on our magic timeline. How crazy is that? If you are living this way, say this to yourself: “Sticking to my daily schedule is more important than my health. My fitness. My life.” If that doesn’t sit well with you, then know you CAN change it!

We all awake to days full of blessings and opportunities but we miss out on so many of them because we are addicted to time check stress. The crazy thing about it all is that the biggest obstacle for many of us isn’t our time management, it’s our misplaced will. Being Hype4Life is about refocusing that will and desire to foster creative ways to attack life change. That’s something I believe we all can benefit from. It’s something I believe anyone can accomplish with the right inspiration, motivation, and people who believe in them. I have seen it happen. I am excited every time it does! So let’s start talking about our challenges and go on the attack! Standout from the pack and when they ask, tell them HYPE4LIFE is where it’s at!!!

Coach JP,

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