Blond Ambition Tour featuring the GLC Voice


Remember when you were a kid, you weighed the pros and cons in your head as you were about to touch, say, or do something that was on Mom’s top 5 list of No-no’s? You looked around for the all clear. Just as you start, you hear Mom’s voice in your head as if she were standing there. Now you have to ignore that wise voice that has your best interest in mind and you know to be true. Let me tell you how one Hype4Lifer faced this dilemma with possible negative GLC points at stake.


Hype4Lifer :

After lunch yesterday, I was having a strong feeling for some sweet goolosh. Remembering that R had a Blondie that looked delsih, I ventured back for one (or two – but that’s not important). While nabbing the delectable goodies, I hear a voice “Big Brother’s Watching!!” Yep, none other than JP opportunely finishing lunch. Like most voices, I ignore the first warning and laugh it off. However by the time I make my purchase and walk out of the building, the sinking feeling starts. I try to shake it off, but like when the monkey hits, it is hard to shake. The good feeling of returning to my office to devour the sugary goodness has been replaced by horrible feeling of knowing that if I eat the delectable treats, I have cancelled out the morning’s workout.

That said I did not partake. Thanks to JP the score is Me 1 – Blondie 0.


EZ – Encouraging Ear 1:

Nice work, boooooy!

JP -The Voice:

Man that’s crazy cause you dissed me like all the pretty girls in high school back in 1994.

I figured destroy nation would have hit before you even made it to the coffee. I feel good and bad about this one cause you looked so happy at the sweets bar. Way to man up… just one question though… where is the Blond now? 🙂

Rev – Encouraging Ear 2:

In regards to where the Blond now

Don’t kill the moment…


It was only truly Divine intervention that I noticed you in the first place. All I saw was a tower of goodness, like those pretty girls back in ’94, or ’92 in my case. As for the Blondie, I tossed them in the trash (ouch) when I came in the building. I had to cut her loose like that one girl that was fine, but you realized she was single because she was crazy and then she stalked you and you couldn’t get rid of her, but I digress. I poured a little coffee out for the Blondie this morning however (full disclosure)


Nice u had a proper Cooley High toast for Blondie and towers of goodness


Standing ovation my brothers. Standing ovation!

I think mom would be proud of Hype4Lifer’s self-control. Nice, JP keeping the hype encouragement and support going!

– EZ


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