Time To Take The Get Lean Challenge


It’s time for another Get Lean Challenge! This one will run from September 7 till October 5th. If you missed the last challenge, here’s another chance to get in on the action! Two teams working to earn points by making healthier food choices and working out more consistently, all the while trying not to have points deducted for eating unhealthy foods aka goolosh. Mix in team captains working to keep the teams motivated and you get a fun environment that will inspire you to improve your health and fitness! Simply put… the GLC works and it’s fun! It challenges you to make better food choices! Hundreds of pounds have been lost! Blood pressure, glucose levels, and other health indicators have been improved! It’s a HYPE way to challenge yourself to eat better and workout more consistency! Join the Get Lean Challenge and then check out my man Mike’s dream from our last challenge! Gotta love how the GLC works on us!

GLC Dream
Something is definitely going on.  GLC is in my head!  I dreamed last night that I was at my grandparents old house over on Polk Street in the Oakwood section of Raleigh. It was just like it was when I was a kid, but I was me as I am now, a 46 year old adult.  We had a family gathering and I was peering into the fridge looking at an assortment of cakes and pies.   My grandmother ended up living the second half of her life in the city, but was born and grew up in the country.  She was the best southern cook I have ever known.  Her pies and cakes were legendary.   Her pecan pie alone was the stuff of angels, it was so good.  Anyway, so I am standing there, eyeing the goodies in her fridge, imagining what pie I am going to have, but in the back of my head, I am calculating how many negative points each one of those slices of pie is going to count!  Even in my dreams, GLC is there.

Of course, the dream also included the prerequisite oddity of my grandfather peeing in an old Mason jar beside the stove.  I have no idea what that was all about.  But I heard his voice as clear as day “Michael T!, what pie you gonna have?”

Funny thing is, I am much more likely to get negative points from chips or some salty snack, maybe ice cream, but cakes and pies are not very high on my weakness list.  Or maybe they are?

Anyway, glad to wake up this morning, time for a lunchtime run!

Mike has done several Get Lean Challenges and it’s obvious it’s working on him… even in his sleep! 🙂 But isn’t that really the goal. We want to be focused on better choices more and more often. That’s what the Hype4Life GLC is all about. As always, we are excited about this GLC and interacting with everyone! Please consider liking and sharing this post to help the Hype4Life team help more peeps achieve goals, change lives, and live hype!


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