Upcoming H4L Events you don’t want to miss.



Yo ballers and shot callers check your calendars and make sure you get hype for some upcoming events.

Sept. 20th
Boxing IT Workout
South Graham Park: Graham, NC (tentative location)

Sept. 27th
Boot Camp Workout
Title Boxing Club: Cary, NC

You can use the following link to let coach JP know you is down.

Sept. 15th is the start of the Rubes 100 day Challenge.  If you haven’t heard you better listen up and check the link.  This is real and no slouches are welcome.  You got to commit to 100 days straight. No sick days, no lazy Sundays, no days off!!! starts the 100 days

No sign ups. Don’t cheat yourself. Put in dat work. #rubes100day

Show out and take it to the flex zone when you get the 100 days challenge in.


Hype4Life is working on some plans for the party people!!!!  Who would be down for a party in early December??? You dats who.  You don’t want to miss the Hype4Life party.  Word is Rev is going to take on any challengers with a dance off.  You can’t miss this. #h4lparty


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