Life is tough. But so am I.


hype4lifeYou know when life is hard and you begin to neglect yourself, including eating right and working out? It’s really tough to get back into the swing of things and begin taking care of yourself again. You tell yourself you are going to start tomorrow, you write down your goals, you make promises to yourself… Only to find yourself procrastinating, failing and breaking those promises. Yea… that’s been me. :-/

Even with a strong support system (my Hype4Life Fam), I’ve found myself pulling away and secluding myself from the people I have needed most to get back to the grind. But those are the people I need to lean on because they are strong. They lift me up, they pull me to the finish line.

These times are so hard to get through, and can take time. The longer you wait, the harder it is to get back into it. You know that every day that passes without a workout is another day where your willpower is defeated AGAIN. But then one day, something snaps and you say to yourself… Enough is enough. And you focus. You put yourself first and make health/fitness a priority again. You keep grinding and keep fighting because that’s what being Hype4Life is all about.

You suffer through those first few weeks knowing what’s ahead… strength, confidence and energy. And then, when a few weeks pass, it gets easier and almost becomes a habit… one you can’t live without. I’ve got to get back there. And it starts today.

I have joined Rubes’ 100 Day Challenge to kick-start a healthy/fit lifestyle leading up to the holidays. Time to get back to it. Put in the work. Back to the grind. Because that’s Hype4Life. I am Hype4Life.

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