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Ken Frinzl is someone I consider a really good friend and an inspiration to keep living.  It’s not often you get to meet someone like Ken. Case and point…. today Ken turns 63. How does he celebrate? By inviting his friends to a workout! Yes I said my dude turns 63 today and to celebrate he invited us to a killer workout! Ready for the coolness… Ken wasn’t always this way. Check out his story to see what caused his change of heart…

As the commercial states “A Heart Attack doesn’t come with a warning”. I wake up June 6th 2000 at 2:05AM not feeling well. Both wrists hurt like corporal tunnel symptoms. I‘m just 48 years old and little overweight (who admits to being a lot over weight). Standing 6 foot tall and 240 lbs. I won’t bore you with all the other details of that day, but during angioplasty for 100% right coronary blockage, my heart stopped beating. The 3rd defibrillation jolt got it going again. Yes, I did survive and I did try to eat better and exercise after the Heart Attack.

Ken November 1999

Ken November 1999

Fast forward to 8 years ago when I started working at SAS. I go for my physical authorization to use the RFC facilities and the DR. says I need to lose weight. I’m now weighing 235lbs. there is something magical about fat because even though I lost 30lbs after the heart attack it found me again.

So my real journey has begun. I started to go to the gym and use the treadmills, bikes, and stair masters. But I knew something was missing. I joined my first group exercise class and found one of the missing pieces. I love to be pushed and challenged and that’s what the classes did for me. This led me to joining the Leanest Loser competition. I found the next real piece to good healthy living “Healthy Nutrition”. Once I got these two pieces, my fitness level really changed. I started to work out with the high intensity groups of folks. I challenged myself to do things I never dreamed possible for me. Which leads me to last year. I can’t even believe how magical it really was.

The challenge was to do a Full Iron Man. I just took my first swim lessons the year before, and I didn’t even own a rode bike. In January I started to get swim instructions and drills going to the pool 2 – 3 times a week. I told the group I couldn’t signup for the Iron Man until I ran a marathon first. So now I’m doing long runs on Saturday’s and short runs during the week. Then on March 19, 2013 I Completed the Wrightsville Beach Marathon. Ten days later I sign up for the B2B Full Iron Man. Now it’s April and I have my commuter bike fitted for clip in pedals and I go through the learning curve or should I say the falling curve of clipping in and riding. May 15th I do my first 100 mile bike ride on my commuter bike. That’s when I decided I needed a proper road bike. Needless to say I’m training (Swim, Bike, Run). Then on October 26th 2013 at 62yrs old standing 6 feet tall and weighing 187lbs I complete the Iron Man in 15 hours 59 min and 23 seconds. Goal accomplished!!!! Live FearLESS and never say Quit.

Ken Today

Ken Today

Happy Birthday Ken!!!!! You are a true inspiration to all.  If his story doesn’t get you Hype4Life I don’t know what will.  Plus Ken is a righteous dude to boot.

-Ken & Rozay

Celebration Workout

Today’s Celebration Workout!

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  1. Nick says:

    Awesome story and very inspirational. Keep up the good work, Ken, and congratulations!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Had no idea-what an inspiration you are Ken!

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