Do You Believe The Hype


Sup fam?!?! Hope your weekend was proper! Mine was busily great! One of the reasons why is because of an exchange I had Friday night. Sometimes we find that others know us better than we know ourselves. In this case, Shannon Smith aka Big Shannon, took it upon himself to share with me his thoughts on what being Hype4Life really is. He knocked it out of the park! Check it out and riddle me this… do you agree… do you believe the hype???

If you’ve ever wondered what H4L is all about this is as clear a picture as you’ll get. Ken’s Story is a story of a changed life. He went from heart attack to HYPE.

H4L didn’t change Ken’s life. Ken did. Ken recognized that there was a better life to live. On his journey, he came across our crew. We welcomed him into the family and started living Hype alongside of him. We showed him what a Hype life can look like. We supported him in his goals and picked him up when life didn’t feel so Hype. Now, he’s doing the same for others. Friday, he showed 25 people what a Hype life looks like at 63 years old.

He’s an inspiration! We’re proud to call him a part of the H4L family.

As you read Ken’s story do you find yourself in there somewhere? Are you like the younger Ken, headed toward a heart attack one drive-thruat a time? Are you the Ken who’s recognized there’s something better out there, but feel like there’s something missing? Are you the Ken headed toward an Iron Man and need those folks around you to keep you Hype?

If that voice in your head had you nodding saying yes to any of those, let us welcome you into the Hype4Life family.

We hold group workouts, we post thoughts on living Hype on our blog, and we host health and fitness challenges, but those things are just what we do, not who we are.

We are a community of people who are seeking to live Hype lives and we’re doing it together. When someone needs pushing, we push. When pulling is required, we pull. When someone falls down, we pick them up. If they can’t get up, we stay with them until they can. We’re a family; a family who knows that there is a better life out there for us; a life more Hype. We want that life. We are Hype4Life.

Join us where ever you are on your path to a Hype life.

Doesn’t get much better than that! If Shannon gets it, then I know others are going to get it too and I likes that! The icing on the cake… Shannon was Hype enough to TAKE ACTION, REACH OUT, and SHARE!!! H4L fam… that’s what it’s like when the Hype is just right!!! Boo to da ya son!!!


Check out Ken’s Thank You Video to his Iron Man training fam and pics from the Celebration of Life (63 years) workout Friday!

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