“Oh My Goolosh” GLC Starts Oct. 20th


First off, many thanks to everyone that made the CHOICE to participate in our previous Get Lean Challenge(s)!! Knowing you all are out there fighting to change your lives helps keep me Hype4Life! Some of you have been doing GLC’s for years and others for just a few weeks. Now the last GLC of 2014 is upon us and it’s time for EVERYONE to STEP UP and get HYPE!!

ONE team. ONE coaching staff. The goal. BE HYPE 4 LIFE TOGETHER! Make a commitment to be better… even if you think you are already perfect! šŸ™‚ You have read about living HYPE4LIFE, now it’s time to do it! For this challenge right here… we want to learn to put ourselves to the side and move HYPE4LIFE to the center! Sacrifice for the team! Stand up for the team! Be fueled by the hate served up by those who don’t value our GRIND! No matter what, we STAY on our GRIND! If we miss a block (skip on a chance to say “put the fries down shawdy”), get a flag for excessive celebration (too many dranks Saturday night), a late hit (my specialty… sweet goolosh treat at 11pm), or the dreaded illegal motion (start towards the gym and end up at Starbucks)… we don’t get discouraged! We PLAN and make it up on the next play!! We have fun with it! We take on the challenge! Excuses fade! Lives change! The challenge looks like this…

“Oh My Goolosh” GLC: Oct 20th – Nov 26th

Workouts: +1 point for every 15 minutes. 5 point max
Water: +1 point for every 8 ounces. 8 point max
Goolosh: -2 points (instead of the usual -1… Oh My Goolosh!) for every serving of goolosh (alcohol, sodas, diet sodas, sweet tea, desserts, chips, fried foods, etc.)
Bonus: +1 point each day you use #hype4life in a post (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.)

Here’s a Sample OMG GLC Form for this challenge if you want to check it out.

Folks you gotta love life! You can decide not to take this challenge and I am sure you will be just fine. BUT (that’s a big ole BUT. stole that from the pastor at my church)… you could decide to take on this challenge and it COULD change you in ways you can’t even imagine! You don’t have anything to lose and everything to gain… TAKE THE CHALLENGE and see for yourself!


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