200 Hundred Miles E2B2 Style


Fine folks of the Hype4Life fam… today I want to give a shout out to Eric “E2” Barker, Ken “BOSman” Frinzl (Mr. Iron Man himself) and their Bourbon Chase team! If you don’t know (I mean why would you) the Bourbon Chase is a 200 mile relay race! Uh yeah… that is correct. A 200 mile relay race! The thing about my man E2, he is a thorough dude. Not only did he prepare himself for the race, he prepared to prepare us for the race as well! Check this out…

Good luck to E2, BOSman, and their team of crazy grown men! Below is all the info you need to track them and see if they really are running 200 miles, or if it was all just a front… a sneaky plan to get away for the weekend! Yes, I know there has to be a more sensible way to get away for the weekend, but again we are talking about a bunch of grown men here… sensible is very unlikely! 🙂

Race begins on Friday 10/10 at 8:45am.
They have roughly 32 hours to complete it.
Team Members: Charles Shorb, Dieter Pisot, Domino Ireland, Eric Barker, Ken Frinzl, Kevin DeBruhl
Live Team Updates/Tracking:
Team diSASter
Team Number: #303

Thanks for all the info Krizzy!!
JP, E2, Krizzy

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