Heart Matters


Yesterday we took our 9 year old son Jalen (aka JPauly) to UNC hospital for a cardiology workup. Since JPauly is abnormally tall and extremely flexible, his pediatrician suggested we have genetics screenings done. A cardiology workup is required for the screenings. Long story short… Jalen’s cardiology workup showed he has a healthy heart! We had no reason to think otherwise, but as a parent you are hardwired to worry. JPauly took the tests in stride and I think he really enjoyed going to Chic-Fil-A on a school day with mom and dad afterwards! PLUS he got to tell all his friends about seeing images of his heart at the hospital! Personally, I like to think yesterday morning was one of those moments in life GOD uses to remind us to keep our focus in the right places. It was a nice break from the daily grind, and it turns out talking with Jalen reminded me of something.


JPauly, JP, Big Chris

See talks about health and fitness can go all sorts of directions. In my experience folks mostly want to look better and achieve more. You know… be the proud owner of a sexy body with just the right amount of muscle definition. A body that can run a 6 minute mile and dominate HIIT/Tabata workouts. Nothing wrong with any of that IMHO, but yesterday morning I was reminded of what’s most important. Ready for it? Good heath and fitness habits make our hearts better! Looking from a purely scientific view, our hearts become stronger and more efficient. For those of us who like to think outside the box of science, perhaps better hearts help make us better people. Perhaps less stress internally allows us to improve how we handle external stress. Even though our hearts don’t change in physical size, perhaps they really do get bigger.


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  1. JingleJo says:

    Glad to hear it went well!

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