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Who is willing to tell me the last time you took it upon yourself to stop and let go? The last time you chose to let nothing interfere with you stopping and appreciating your life. Some of us may not even know what that means right now. For me, it’s something I am learning. The shocker is, I am beginning to realize how twisted many of us have become. We tend determine the level of our success based on how much we are able to accomplish. Tangible accomplishments only. Things we can easily tell people about and show our friends and family. Higher status. Awards. Our ability to manage and balance all the activities in the household… getting kids to practices, recitals, parties, school functions, all the while still being spiffy and fly for work parties, social gatherings, and poolside presentations of ourselves. An amazing day for us in a nutshell becomes how much we are able to do and how we look doing it. The question is should it be? Like many of you, I am no stranger to busy schedules and endless tasks list of family activities. I get it. I understand it. I fall victim to it but I am also beginning to understand it has nothing to do with the success of my day. On my good days, I realize that the success of my day is much less complicated than that.


Simply put, real success is a heart condition. May sound corny, but it’s just that simple. The crazy thing is, you can’t even begin to understand what was on your heart throughout a day if you don’t take a few minutes to stop and let go. Stop and disconnect from all the other lifelines depending on you. It’s ok. They can survive without you for a bit. You can survive without them. If there is one thing we are all entitled to, it’s moments of reflection. If there is one thing we all need more of, it’s moments of reflection. Moments where we look back on our day and evaluate ourselves. Evaluate our hearts because our hearts matter most in everything we do. Just taking a few moments to stop and let go allows us to think about who we want to be and if we are living that way. It’s a defense system against a world that is constantly trying to tell us who we should be. Telling us how we should act. How we should feel. Shaping our values. Creeping into our hearts and changing our motives. If we aren’t careful, we find ourselves conforming by default. We start measuring ourselves by other standards instead of our own. I really don’t think any of us really want to live that way, but many of us already are. If you don’t believe me, stop, let go a couple times this week and let me know what you find. It’s a simple request but amazingly rewarding.


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  1. Brek says:

    Great reminder. Now to take a minute to Stop, and let go….

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