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Coach JP and his fam

Life is a grind. There is no doubt about it. Rich, poor, or in between… you can’t hide from the grind. It will track you down. It will climb on your back and drag you down from your highest of highs in a matter of seconds. No one is exempt. The grind is what makes us. The grind is what defines us. The grind is what breaks us. CORRECTION what used to break us… but NOT TODAY! Let that be your anthem! Let that sit on your heart and echo through your mind. Whatever life throws at you today, shake it off with a wry smile and tell yourself NOT TODAY! From here on out, we go down fighting for our right to dominate the grind. The grind is restless and won’t stop coming at us. It’s real. Chances are we won’t win every battle but NOW we come prepared to battle each and every incredible day of our lives. When a busy day gets hectic and we feel that pressure transforming our day… sucking the life out of it… embrace that moment and rise to the occasion… NOT TODAY! Handle the chaos. Thrive in it. Take control of it. Appreciate it. Dominate it. This is our one life. This is our single series of moments. Moments that have pulled us down in the past but NOT TODAY! Greatness arises from an ever flowing stream of continuous personal challenge. Greatness is in all of us but we have to want it more. Average is easy. Average is settling. Average is what we get for free but NOT TODAY! TODAY we fight! TODAY we recognize the grind! Give life to the grind JUST so we can beat the breaks off it over and over and over again! You used to complain. You used to feel like the victim. You used to feel sorry for yourself. That’s old news. Old times when the grind had a hold on you. Now you know. Now you don’t accept it. Now you realize how much of your time is being wasted and you no longer accept that EVEN WHEN your friends empathize and make it seem okay. They empathize because they have similar problems but NOW you are ready to step up and give in no longer. Encourage them to give in no longer. Now each day you arise. You sense the grind around you. You embrace it with that wry smile and respond “NOT TODAY”! That’s Hype4Life! That’s what we do! We know we have way too much to be thankful for and we praise God for that! We fight to be HYPE because we know living thankful is where its at! Yes sir… we do dat, do dat, do, do, dat, dat, dat!


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4 thought on “Not Today”

  1. MarkK says:

    Thanks JP – As I walk out the door after another long day, I’ll carry this into tomorrow – it would have been really useful last week 🙂
    I can’t help but think of this speech while reading this post –

    Rock on.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love this. Made my day!!

    1. hype4lifefam says:

      And this comment made my day!

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