2015 New Year RATED PG Get Lean Challenge


RATED PG “Proper Grind” Get Lean Challenge
Challenge starts Jan 12
Challenge ends Feb 26

Two easy steps! JOIN NOW!

1) Complete your RATED PG shirt order: SOLO ($25) or GROUP ($10 off)
2) Fill out the RATED PG GLC registration form: SOLO or GROUP

Two teams going head to head, leveraging our competitive nature to help us commit to better health and fitness! Don’t think you are competitive…. ohh you wait and see!! You will have fun! You will get in better shape! You will eat healthier foods! You will be motivated! Our cool point based system will help each of us make better food choices and workout more consistently! Combine that with motivational emails and/or text messages from great motivators like coach JP and the H4L team, and you get an incredible challenge experience that will help you make the RIGHT changes for a healthier and more active lifestyle!

For most of us, the secret to better health and fitness does not require endless visits with nutrition experts or clinical weight loss professionals. If we are really honest with ourselves, we know it’s much less complicated than that. What we really need is the motivation to make better choices, and confidence that we can stick with it! That is the recipe for the healthier and more active lifestyle we desire! The RATED PG Get Lean Challenge will give you that and some! If you REALLY want to start 2015 off right, you will get on your “Proper Grind” and take the RATED PG Get Lean Challenge!!!

The Challenge is going to be awesome! Check out the cool point system we will use for this challenge and check out our SAMPLE GLC FORM!

1 goolosh (our term for unhealthy foods) allowed each day
1 bonus point for each goolosh free day
1 bonus point each day for using #hype4lifefam
Plus 2 points per meal/snack for lean proteins (6 point max)
Plus 2 points per meal/snack for healthy veggies (6 point max)
Plus 1 point per meal/snack for healthy fruits (2 point max)
Plus 1 point for every 8 ounces of water (10 point max)
Plus 1 point for every 15 minutes of exercise (5 point max)
Minus 2 points for goolosh (excluding the one allowed daily)

The RATED PG GLC is about being on our “Proper Grind” and really being committed to being Hype4Life! That means we are going to start rolling out more of our ideas! Ideas like… including a funky fresh H4L “RATED PG” t-shirt with this challenge! Many thanks to Doc Watson for hooking up our design!


We also want to reward you for reaching out to others! So it’s going down like this. If you decide to roll solo, you are in with your funky fresh t-shirt for $25. That’s certainly cool with us BUT if you decide to roll with a friend, you will save some cash! You both are in, with two funky fresh t-shirts for $40! This may be our best challenge yet! So get hype! Share this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or wherever you post media socially! You can even throw it on MySpace if ya like! Whatever you do… spread the word and get ready to start 2015 on your proper health and fitness grind! RATED PG son!!!!

Two easy steps! JOIN NOW!

1) Complete your RATED PG shirt order: SOLO ($25) or GROUP ($10 off)
2) Fill out the RATED PG GLC registration form: SOLO or GROUP

That’s it!! Email with team assignments and all the information you need to get started will be sent Jan 10. If you register a mobile number for text updates, you will also receive a text update on Jan 10. Oh yeah. Speaking of Jan 10. Coach JP will be kicking things off with a RATED PG workout at Title Boxing Club of Cary! 7:30 AM. Arrive 15 minutes early for wraps and gloves. Not a member. No worries. It’s a free event and all are welcome! So come meet some of your GLC teammates and get in a hype workout with us!

I can’t wait to get this on and poppin’! Please email any questions you have to Stay HYPE fam!!

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