The New Year is knock, knock, knocking on our doors! Are you ready to let her in? Have you cleaned up? Taken out the garbage? Made plans for what you are going to do while she is here? After all, this 2015 character isn’t just stopping by, she will be around for 365 days! I know it’s nearly impossible to figure out the entire schedule before she arrives, but do you have some plans to get started? I am sure she will have some plans of her own when she arrives BUT remember 365 days is a LONG time! Be careful not to let your life become about living out her plans! You have plans for yourself. She will have to respect that. She is YOUR guests. This is a great chance for you to show her how you are Hype4Life! She isn’t here just yet, so you still have some time to get ready and begin making some of those plans! Gotta run! I have some more planning to do myself! #beReady


Here’s to making the most of 2015!! #hype4lifefam


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