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my life wouldn’t be as hype without these guys

What are you chatting about today? Yesterday? Last week? Ever give it any thought? I find myself SMH at other conversations I hear because I hear so many comments about other folks deficiencies. In other words… complaining about others. “I know girl. When I am here on time they start late, but of course when I am late, they start early! They need to get their act together!”, “They are sooooooo slow! They know they need more people in here working!”, “OMG! I can’t ever get anywhere on time because people drive so slow!”, “Well my son wouldn’t be misbehaving if his teacher wasn’t so lazy!”, “For goodness sake! They are always wanting me to do something at church! Like I have time for that!”, “Man I had to go to church, the grocery store, THEN take my kid to a recital! I know… I am way too busy right!”. “I am not going to get anything done today! I didn’t get my 7.26784 hours of sleep and I haven’t had my coffee!!” I could go on, but hopefully this is enough to make my point. It really is crazy to me. How in the world did we get so soft? So spoiled? I guess the better question is do we even believe we are soft and spoiled? Seems to me lots of us now believe life is to be lived based on a avalanche of survey data. The problem is all this data seems to become our excuse to demand less of ourselves. All this data adds new “rules” and stress to our lives and for what? Does it even enrich our lives? Does it even add value to our lives? Does it challenge us to be better people OR is it an excuse for us to get our way? Do you ever think about it that way? Do you ever think about needing to challenge yourself to toughen up and take life on? Do you ever think about how much you can impact others just by doing that? Maybe I am wrong but I THINK I have impacted others and I THINK it’s because I challenge myself to be tougher. I don’t ever want to feel like I can’t dominate a day if I don’t get MY 7-8 hours of sleep or things don’t go as planned. Instead I want to be able to rise to the occasion. I want to be able to adjust.

I want to be hype4life so these guys will be too

I want to be hype4life so these guys will be too

I want my kids to see me living life. Enjoying life. Experiencing life. Leaning on my faith. Remembering that my current circumstances are a blessing. Remembering that I want to grow. I want to become the kind of person that can extend myself to help others because I believe that is what Christianity is all about. I want to fight to be this kind of person EVEN when people close to me don’t always see it the same way. I want this because as I think about it and pray about it, I keep coming back to it. I do NOT want to be SOFT. I do NOT want to be SPOILED. I do NOT want my kids to be SPOILED or SOFT. I WANT to be THANKFUL. I WANT to be APPRECIATIVE.  I WANT my kids to be THANKFUL and APPRECIATIVE. Most importantly, I WANT our lives to reflect these things. I WANT us to be a good examples for anyone trying to do the same. I want us to live HYPE4LIFE no matter how hard it gets!!! I hope we are well on our way! Thanks for your time and here’s to a very HYPE day fam!



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