Food Kyrptonite


Winning the battle against your food kryptonite!

Kryptonite.. The one thing that can bring superman down to his knees.

When I think about food, I cant help but think all of us have our food kryptonite! That one food, treat, dessert, sugary drink or restaurant that just brings us ALL to our knees. For me it’s Chicago food overall! Each time I roll to chi-town I am ready for my favorites: Chinese Food, Giordano’s or Home run inn pizza, Portillo’s and Maggiono’s (the location that started it all). My family goes hard aka family style dining.

Here are some ideas on how you can win the battle against your food kryptonite?


#1 Prepare

Whatever you have to do, do it ahead of time. Some cook on Sunday’s. Others prefer the lightest day of the week. Cooking for a few days really sets you up for success. I think many of us struggle with preparation because it requires time and commitment (who isn’t committed to 1,000 things already).

During my last Chicago drive, I prepared for the drive with a case of water, Powerade and protein shakes. I also had a bag of apples. Usually for that long road trip the car is full of junk food and soda so preparing was battle number 1. Also if the urges got too bad for me, I did have a small bag of pretzels and some bubble gum to keep me from going over the edge. That helped prevent me from turning to soda and junk food during for the drive. When we did hit Maggiono’s (which we always do) I loaded up big-time on water and salad. When the entrées came out it was Salmon with capers baby! Preparation is a big key to success! If you don’t prepare, prepare to fail!

#2 Don’t go over the edge

If you know that’s your weakness, have in your mind now that you will only go into shallow water. If you dive in as you usually do expect the same results (over eating, feeling lousy the next day, ect..). One way to balance this out: instead of an entire slice of grandma’s cake just have a few bites then as princess Elsa would say “let it go”! Another option is to cut your normal slice in half. Each of those alternatives will leave you better off. If you don’t set a limit, put up a wall, set boundaries then expect to go in the deep end of the food pool.

#3 Call on reinforcements

I remember the old superman movie staring Christopher Reeve’s and in one scene superman was down by kryptonite but then Lex Luther’s girl helped him get away. When in doubt reach out to someone who you are willing to be accountable to. Someone who you want to encourage you and give you support when you need it… better yet, when you don’t feel like it. We all need accountability if we plan to achieve our fitness goals. If you need help with that area, hit the Hype4life crew up (email or WhatsApp work great) and get encouragement, laughs, and an support. It works and you’ll feel better making healthier decisions.

Keep Grinding and Happy Preparing!


What’s your food kryptonite?


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