I am enjoying the Rated PG challenge and it has been very effective…but since I don’t know most of you, I thought I would give you my story of how I connected up with Hype4Life  and how the challenges have helped me.


Terese after her second Jazzercise workout of the day!

So, basically, the past 40+ (not telling how many that + represents) I ate/drank whatever I wanted and spent very little time exercising.   Last January, I decided that it was time to turn my health around and take better care of myself.    I had not been to my primary care physician in 8 YEARS!    I just hit the urgent care or minute clinic whenever I got sick…  I knew from some of those visits that my blood pressure was high.   I did go regularly to my endocrinologist because I have a thyroid condition and I knew from there that my A1C was creeping up and up.   So last January, I decided to up the exercise and to finally go and get a check up at the doctor.   2014 was going to be the year of fixing ME! took until APRIL for me to actually make an appointment and go.   I picked a new doctor because I was too embarrassed to go back to the one that I had been to 8 years ago!   In the meantime, I was going off and on to Jazzercise and in February, I decided to go to a gluten free diet because a friend had suggested that it may help with my joint pain because gluten can cause inflammation.      At my check-up, my new doctor set me up with the office nutritionist and she got me hooked up with the myfitnesspal app and a plan.   She gave me lots of tips and I tried to follow the eating tips and increase my exercise.

Over the summer,  Erick Benson (who I know from college) invited me to join the H4L GLC challenge that was starting up.   I immediately told him no!  haha!   I didn’t think I had time for it.    However, for some reason ( I really don’t know why…I don’t think Erick pestered me or anything—he is to nice for that) I changed my mind and decided to go for it.

I think the Hype4Life challenge brought out the competitiveness in me that I honestly did not know I had!  🙂     I was already tracking food and exercise, so that was not a problem for me.   Actually, I thought that since I was already tracking, this would not really change anything.    Again, I really had no idea that I would be competitive….I have never thought of myself as competitive before.    But, I think the GLC was really fun!   It was great to have the added accountability…and encouragement.  The emails and blogs are really funny…and encouraging.   One of the biggest changes that it has made to my exercise routine is breaking it down into 15 minute segments.   In the past, if I could not make an entire 1 hour cardio or strength class… I just wouldn’t go and would say “I don’t have time”…but now, even if I can only make it for 15 or 30 minutes of class…I will go anyway!    My Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine is to run into a cardio class for about 25 to 30 minutes in between taking my kids to school.   It is all the time that I have…but if I don’t go then, I won’t get any exercise in those mornings at all.      On July 1st, I had been to about 30 Jazzercise classes for all of 2014.   After joining the H4L challenge,  I was attending class once or twice a day and I got my 150 class award in mid September!


JP and fam joined Terese and fam at Jazzercise Saturday morning! Terese, CA, Terese’s daughter, and her friend are pictured. My apologies for the blurry pic. Youngsters were moving too fast!

I am down over 30 pounds since April and I feel great.  My A1C has gone down every time it has been checked.   My blood pressure is down.   I still have lots of weight to lose…but, I am headed in the right direction and I can’t see me going back to my old lifestyle.  I seem to be addicted to exercise…and to eating healthy.    I never would have preferred a salad to a burger and fries…but now I really do (most of the time!) ;-).

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