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my man Rev working out with his homie… keepin’ it hype

Hype Aint Easy… It really isn’t. It’s hard not to let life get you down and spend time feeling sorry for yourself in some type of way. As much as I don’t want to do it, I still do. Even with all the incredible things I have in my life, I find ways to screw up my perspective and wine and pout. I start telling myself I NEED some TV time. Veg out time. I need a vacation. I NEED this and that. That’s just how it is but that’s not my kind of HYPE! My kind of HYPE is keeping one thing fresh on my mind. If you aren’t a Christian then this may not mean anything to you but if you are then hopefully it will… I like to think about how Jesus’s life was about exhaustion and grinding for others! That’s as HYPE as it gets! So on my self pitty days, that what I try to focus on cause HYPE AINT EASY but IT IS WORTH IT! WE are helping EACH OTHER change OUR lives!! That is a big deal! Thank you!! Now let us complain less. Grind Harder. Get our HYPE on swole!

Stay Hype4Life and keep it RATED PG fam!


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