So here we are, it’s coming up on the end of our Sunday morning service. Our pastor is pumped! The church is pumped! As the pastor is walking off stage, speaking emphatically, the band creeps in to keep the momentum going! The band is rockin’! The church is rockin’! If I had to put it in my own words I would say the place was HYPE! Then BOOM… just like that it was over. Service was over and the HYPE was gone. In thinking about the quote from Tony Robbins above, I would say for a few moments we were all felt changed but I am not sure how many of us really made progress. Progress usually comes when we are prepared to take the next steps. When we are prepared to step outside the normal routines. When we are are focused enough not to worry about what others are going to think. We don’t worry because we KNOW we are doing the right thing and we can’t be responsible for how others react to that. A church service, conversation, a blog, a photo, an email, or a video can provoke emotion in us that makes us want to change and I think that incredibly important. However, if we really want to experience progress, then we need to plan and be prepared to carry that momentum with us. For me it is HARD! Finding time is HARD! Saying no to my kids is HARD! Asking my wife for time to plan and reflect is HARD! Getting rid of cable, which includes ESPN, was HARD! YES ladies, that is worthy of being listed here! On flip side though, if I can’t find time then perhaps I have too much going on. If I don’t say no to my kids, then perhaps I am reinforcing the their feelings that life revolves around them. If I can’t live without ESPN, then perhaps I have my priorities wrong. See, I have progressed to a point that in my heart I know I am blessed with more than I need. Now my challenge is to be committed to making progress in areas of my life such that they match my heart. I think I am headed in the right direction. I hope you are too. -jp

2 thought on “PROGRESS MATTERS”

  1. vonchris says:

    Great post. Yes, we can be motivated by things and people, but we have to do the work if we want change.

    1. hype4lifefam says:

      Thank you. Nice way to sum it up.

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