Tracking what we eat isn’t the most exciting thing to do. In fact there are times when it can be kind of boring. For a long time I used to feel like it was pointless. However, through experience I’ve learned that I actually eat a more balanced diet, feel more confident, and have more success in my weight loss goals when I take time to track what I eat. Keeping track and categorizing what you eat gives you the information you need to change your eating habits. Imagine not checking your bank account for an entire month. Not knowing what’s coming in or what’s going out. I know for me that would create some serious problems. Not knowing what’s going in or going out of my bank account would lead me to making some bad financial decisions. Take that same approach about what you eat daily. Know your vegetables, fruit, water, and protein intake daily. Then you will have the information you need to make better choices. So when you are presented with recommendations on how to change your diet, you will already know where you are and what you want to consider changing. It’s hard to change what you don’t know. If you want a fun way to get started tracking and categorizing your food intake then I recommend you JOIN our next Get Lean Challenge. You won’t be disappointed with what you learn. Plus you will be joining a network of great people who have already had success in changing their habits. A network of people who want to see you succeed too! Now on your mark, get set, LETS GO!


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2 thought on “TRACK IT TO CHANGE IT!”

  1. EZ says:

    On track with my man, Rev

  2. Quickness says:

    true that. 1 month of watching what i eat and didnt gain any but didnt lose any either. Started tracking using myfitnesspal and 1.5 months later im down 10+lbs. Tracking works.

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