Common Ground Road Trip


I love road trips. I usually don’t mind the driving and if you throw in good snacks, a fun destination, good company, and especially good music- I am there!



I went on a family vacation recently heading to the beach. We headed out after classes and work – late start for us. While I was driving, we ate dinner and the girls took naps. Music on blast, like I like it (from Prince to smooth jazz to “ratchet-beat” hip hop) and Tootsie pops within arms-reach.  Later, we switched drivers with Nicole and her RnB, Mariah Carey, Hip Hop mix, and my turn for a nap.

After another driver change, this time to Danielle and the Best of Trap-mix, it was getting late and we weren’t close enough to call it close. A little fresh energy was welcome. Much to 70’s lover Michelle’s delight, Danielle flipped the switch on us and pulled out the full Best of Donna Summers album! Yes, we brain trained our 90’s babies with Disney, Barney, MJ, Prince, and disco. BTW, the driver has radio/cd/xm/mp3/ choice privileges.


I wasn’t sure where this 70’s mix was going to take us.  And then it happened. The very recognizable opening to one of her biggest hit, “Someone found the letter you wrote me on the radio ….” (  It was awesome. We were rolling down I-95 with air synth’s, disco hair flips, and hitting musical chords that only the Benson’s can achieve. It was a musical common ground. A great way to get through the never ending highway construction of Jacksonville. By the time we hit our last power chord with Donna,  we were close enough to say, “Are we there yet?”

Just like every road trip the Benson’s take, we came together through our love and love of music. The H4L fam is just like the Benson’s, we are a family that come together through common goals, respect for each other, and we embrace and support each other to join in. I believe that is why the H4L fam is hype.

Here’s to Road trips and family!


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