Hat day at the boys school and I have drop off duty. My youngest Chris is rockin’ his Hype4Life hat and pretty hype about it. We pull to the front of the drop off line. The kids jump out. Normally I drop a quick “thank you” and roll out but today, just before I burn some rubber, I hear “Your fitness thing is very inspiring!”. I can’t lie. I was taken back for a sec by the phrase “fitness thing” but I got over it pretty quickly. She went on to say “I have MS and I am always looking for ways to stay healthy.” She then closed with “I didn’t do the last thing but I want to do one!”. Oh yeah!! She dun set the table for me, so I had to close the deal. So I hit her with “The next challenge starts May 11th!”. Best believe I will be looking for her name now!

All the while this is happening, the anxiety of holding up the drop off line was building up. So though I would have loved to continue to chat, I was also relieved to exit the line. I pulled off feeling like an accomplished H4L hustler.

The take away for me… I had NO IDEA she has MS. I had NO IDEA she new about Hype4Life. I have seen her many times. We have exchanged pleasantries often. Now those exchanges will be a bit more personal. I get to experience admiration every time I see her now that I know that little bit about her. A very cool way to start the day.

Special thanks to my AWE H4L fam for spreading the HYPE and keeping it Proper!


Our next “fitness thing” (aka Get Lean  Challenge) starts May 11.


Be held accountable for your weight loss, health, and fitness goals.


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