To Forgive is Divine and Healthy


Day in and day out, we all have certain goals or plans to get things done. However, with all the great intentions, we don’t always Get-Er-Done.  We can wallow in our “failure”. Or, we can learn from these situations. I believe we have to forgive ourselves and keep it in perspective in order to make it a positive.


Recently, there have been a few tragic news items that really give one a peek into the human heart and forgiveness. The events involved the death of a person – one an accident and the other a premeditated murder. In both cases, the families of the deceased asked for the prayers for the persons responsible for their loved ones death. Wow. Powerful. There are so many ways a family could handle this and I don’t think the Court of Public Opinion would judge them harshly.   Handling an event like that is as private as it gets.

Back to goals. We try. We fail. We don’t make it to the half marathon finish line in under 2 hours. We gain 10 lbs instead of losing 10.  “It” happens! End of the world. Not! We tend to be our own worse critics. That’s where the forgiveness comes in. Forgiveness starts the mending process. Learn from whatever process got you to that point. If you feel like you let yourself down. Keep it in perspective. Forgive yourself. It is the healthy thing to do. From there, I can move on and get better.

Let’s be real, if these families can forgive, I sure as heck can forgive myself for a few lbs.

Stay Hype!



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