What Motivates You


We all have goals and plans. Whether it is fitness, financial, or career goals, we must have motivation to go along with that plan. Some days more than others, we need more of that extra kick to keep us on point.


Hype4Life’s PG – Proper Grind (EZ)

I received a text message the other day, “Didn’t feel like working out, but had on my Hype4Life Rated PG shirt… it didn’t feel right rocking the ‘proper grind’ without actually working out. If I was going to wear it, I needed to get a workout in.”

It was very cool to get that text.  H4L had motivated someone to get it in proper and in turn, they had energized me to keep my morning snack proper by reaching for the apple instead of the chocolate chip cookie.

It was a small victory going goolosh-free for a snack, but  small victories add up. ThanksH4L friend for thinking of me and taking time to hit me up with a quick txt.

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