A while back my sister asked me my thoughts on SUCCESS. Getting straight to it… I have come to this conclusion on the matter. In my mind, there is no singular SUCCESS. Instead I think success has to be duplicated in multiple areas of life. If we were to take a people poll today, I bet the most prominent measure of success would be the swole-ness of one’s bank account. With the thought being that if your bank account is phat, then you can enjoy the finer things in life, and thus be submerged in a lifestyle saturated with happiness and absent of worry and stress. Sounds really good to me BUT I think the truth in that depends on how successful you are in other areas of our life as well. Speaking from experience, it’s very easy for me to let the success of one area of my life distract me from deficiencies in other areas. As one who likes to motivate and inspire others, I find there are times when I over extend myself. I get caught up. Not on purpose. It just happens sometimes. Luckily for me, I have a great wife and some pretty cool kiddos, so they work with me. They want to see Hype4Life take over the world just as much as I do, but no matter how big the Hype gets, I will always be just daddy to them. That’s the anchor I need to help me find my balance. Mix in some incredible perspectives from friends and family, and you find yourself with a pretty good start to a recipe for success.

Being a defensive minded basketball coach, I will close with this thought. Pressure D is a crucial part of success on the court. It has to be practiced, learned, and executed. All of which are important, but neither of which is the key. The key to successful pressure D is applying pressure to the right spots at the right times. The key to being SUCCESSFUL at HAPPINESS might very well be learning, accepting, and knowing how to apply the right amount of pressure, to the right areas of your life, at the right times. Sounds about right to me. What do you think? -jp

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