The other day my man Coach JP quickly went down in a heap on the basketball floor. He made a move that his good Achilles did not like. I say the “Good one” because it was the non-surgically repaired tendon that has now let him down. Yea, this is where I pull out the cliché phrase and say he’s “down, but not out.”

JP's office chair scooter... works like a charm!!

JP’s office chair scooter… works like a charm!!

JP has to execute the Three R’s: some rest, repair, and rehab.  He emailed Hype4LifeFam and talked about the disappointment and stress of the injury. To relieve the frustration, he went to that place we go to when we have to regroup – the basics… his values…The Hype4Life values. This is part of his email where he talks about giving up on his Get Lean Challenge goals and his change of mind.

One of the coolest things about being a parent is being reminded of my values. As I encourage my boys to value the same things I do, it serves as a good reminder for me. I challenge them to be aware of others and not overly focused on themselves… lend a helping hand and take opportunities to brighten someone’s day. I challenge them to be creative, focus on solutions and complain less. I challenge them to not make excuses and not to quit. I need those reminders myself right now. This challenge has been a rough one for me and after getting my cast yesterday and thinking about my long rehab road, I thought about quitting. I know. I know. It’s just a GLC… no big deal. Didn’t cost me anything. I don’t have anything to lose. Probably true, but my boys ask me about the challenge. They will know if I quit, and I am sure they would probably understand. However, if I don’t quit, which I won’t… then perhaps they see me practicing what I preach and perhaps this example will benefit them down the road. A cool upside to taking on life’s challenges… one day at a time!

You would think after yet another injury, JP would take a step back. But as you can see, he’s doing the exact opposite. He practices what he preaches, he fights, and he’ll never give up. With JP’s priceless values and the Hype4Life fam on his side, he will continue to achieve goals, change lives, and live hype!


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