One of the craziest/coolest things about life is we have no clue how things are going to affect us. I am sure no one WANTS to tear their achilles like I did, but some good has come from it. Prior to my achilles injury, I had been going to PT for issues with my back and hip. I have been dealing with these issues for over a year. I slowed down but never did stop. I felt like stopping would be “the end of the world”. Well being in a cast was finally enough to make me stop for a little while, and oddly enough it is not the end of the world. In some regards it has given me better perspective. Most importantly… life goes on and being able to workout on the regular is icing on the cake. That’s something I plan to remember.

I can still be me on crutches. On Monday I was at school with the kids. I found myself racing kids on my crutches and playing QB for football games. Last night I had my first real workout. 45 minutes of strength work and boxing. It wasn’t as pretty as usual but I got it done.


Over the weekend I was in BJ’s doing a little crutch dancing having fun with the kiddos. I even kept myself together on the way out when the DirectTV girl told me I had TP stuck to my left crutch. I had just left the bathroom but I did not get embarrassed. I held it together. Hopped over to the disinfectant wipes and put my single leg deadlift skills on display to remove the TP and place it in the trash like a boss! 🙂

It was also nice to be able to depend on my kids to help out at home while my wife was out of town for work. For 6 and 9 year old boys, they did great. It made me feel good to know they are willing to help out when it is needed. I have never been a fan of “chores”. Instead I talk about being able to do things when called upon and learning to recognize what should be done without being told. Seems like some of that is sinking in… at least the first half of it.

It’s been 2 weeks since I went down and oddly enough it has been a very good two weeks. For all those who are wondering, so far so good. I am in good spirits. Special shout out to JR and Rubes for helping me with lunch and breakfast at work! Many thanks!

I am considering timing myself for a mile excursion on crutches. Any guesses on how long that will take? 🙂

Here’s to keeping it hype and making it hyper-ER every chance we get! -jp


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