It’s been about 2.5 weeks since I went down with my achilles tear. Since I decided to go the non-surgical route, I found myself in a cast and on crutches three days after the injury. It took a little while to adjust to getting around on crutches but I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Going up and down stairs and getting up hills quickly became fun challenges, along with playing around with my crutch stride. In my last blog, A GOOD SIDE OF INJURY, I talked about doing a mile on crutches. I thought I was joking at the time, but after shooting hoops with the kids Sunday afternoon, I decided to give it a shot.


It was the middle of the afternoon and it was hot, which is actually cool with me. The course of choice… 12 laps in the backyard at the house. On this particular course of crutch mile sport, the difficulty increased with each turn. The start was shady and flat. After the first turn it was all sun. First a nice little downhill stretch, then a little up and down stretch, and finally the dreaded uphill finishing stretch. I can’t lie. I had an Acton moment after about five laps. I was thinking “Why am I even doing this?” My shoulders were on fire from all the crutching. I stopped for a few. Looked at my distance, which was just under a half mile. Thought about that for a sec. Told myself “I have come this far. I mile is doable. No need to stop now.” and got back to work. I thought about my man Michael Emery and his goal to run a 5k next year. I thought about how nice it would be to have this in my back pocket if times got tough… “If I can do a mile on crutches then you can run a 5k.” That’s probably the coach in me. Using my desire to motivate others to motivate myself. It wasn’t easy and it took much longer than I expected but I got the mile done. It took exactly 30 minutes! I followed the crutch mile with a little boxing and more hoops with the kiddos. It wasn’t much, but it felt awesome to get a good sweat!

Some may think the crutch mile was cool while others may not. No matter what you think, hopefully we can all agree that a big part success is staying motivated. Doesn’t matter how trivial or crazy the goal seems to others. The important ingredient is your will to fight off excuses to stop with reasons to keep going. Everything matters. #believeDat -jp


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