Stay on the Grind: Two Minute Office Workout


Amazing! We got “it”. Figured “it” out! “It” only takes 2 minutes. What is “it”? It is the effects of sitting all day and how we can reverse these effects.


Mid-morning 2 minute workout

My older daughter, Nicole, started working recently, and we were talking about how different it is from the campus life. No more long walks across campus. No more rushing from class to class. The real world rushes in with bills and taxes and many of us take a seat to meet these challenges. Interestingly, as they say, the only sure things in life are taxes and death and it has been proven that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to an increase in the risk of weight related issues. We can beat the numbers or tilt them in our favor.
How do we lower the risk? While at work, we get active for 2 minutes every hour. The following article suggests walking stairs or a brisk walk:

Two Minutes of Light-Intensity Activity May Offset Effects of Sitting

I really do not like stairs and I find my walk down the hall to the breakroom, bathroom, or to a meeting tends to be more of a slow pensive stroll than an energetic get-to-where-I-need-to-be walk. Sounds like I need to make some changes. I can walk the stairs twice a day even put some pep in my step walking the halls. It is worth the possible 200-1000 calorie burn per week. 15 lbs per year!
Stay Hype!

3 thought on “Stay on the Grind: Two Minute Office Workout”

  1. Mark K says:

    Great reminder! I’ve been working in the same building for nearly 9 years and have yet to take the elevator. Hopefully I can extend this streak after we move from the 2nd floor to the 5th next month!

    1. hype4lifefam says:

      Mark, how are the steps going? I hit them every now and then to get the blood going. i need to make it a regular thing

      1. Mark K says:

        I’m up on the 5th floor now – still taking the stairs _every_ time. Most colleagues do too.
        When I come in from the basement after running at lunchtime, it’s a long hike up!

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