Challenges are all around us. Some good. Some bad.

Remember the Cinnamon Challenge? Teens gagging on that strong spice!

What about the fire challenge… OMG! (There is no way in hell.. fire-hell). Whose idea was it to pour flammable liquids on any body part and then set it on fire?

Not all challenges were crazy. Some challenges raised lots of money. The Ice Bucket challenge is a great example!

Deep down we all love a good challenge. Even little children love challenges. Do you remember saying or being told, “I dare you!”

When it comes to a fitness challenge it can never be a bad thing. To be challenged to work on you, eat better and drink more water. To be more proactive and engaged in caring for your body. Right now I could use a Yoga challenge like Hi-C is doing.

A few years a group of us did a thousand push-ups during ONE workout session. It was tough! We started off at 500, then someone else bumped it to 700. Someone else said lets do 800 and that kept going till we got to 1,000. That’s what I enjoyed. Someone knocking on that door with you and saying let’s do it! That’s one of the team benefits, when you are tired, someone else is hype and vice versa.

Those in the gym that morning will never forget what happened but we also never would have tried if we were not challenged.

We have less than 5 months left in 2015. If you are not where you want to be signup for the next H4L challenge and join us for our next workout at Title Boxing Club Cary! Let’s make it epic!

Challenge someone to get Hype4Life. I Dare you!

Let’s go!!




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