I am out of my walking boot and life is good! Actually, life is great! It’s pretty cool how different situations in our lives shape our current perspectives. Prior to my achilles tear, I was a little bummed because I was dealing with nagging hip issues. Fast forward two months ahead to now and you find me ecstatic about being able to put on two shoes and walk around normal-ish. Not to go too far down a philosophical road, but I think that’s a big challenge for our culture. We have everything at our fingertips. We are bombarded with images and campaigns that want us to believe happiness and satisfaction in life are about the next big thrill or adventure. We hear and see these concepts over and over. That repetition then affects our perception… and you know the saying… perception is reality. Recovering from this achilles tear has been a good reminder that those thrills and adventures are cool but satisfaction and happiness costs much less. Now I am excited about being able to walk around at my boys football practices. I am excited about being able to get up shots with them and toss the football around at home. I can play with the kiddos at church and workout with my peeps! I can get around AND carry the popcorn at the movies! Life is good fam! Here’s to good health, improved fitness, and days filled with a great appreciation for those things and perhaps an even greater appreciation for one another! #hype4lifefam #propergrind #AIM4change #Accountability #Inspiration #Motivation #getfit #fitfam

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